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We're running an ideas-driven campaign because Maryland is facing serious problems that require serious solutions.

Alec’s Ideas


The starting point to address inequity in Maryland is education. I learned this firsthand when I taught 6th grade at Booker T. Washington Middle School in Baltimore. Many of my students were brilliant, but I knew they would struggle to succeed because of where they came from and what lay ahead.

Read Alec's plan to fix the inequities in our education system

Election Reform

We need to change how people think about voting. Voting should be so easy with numerous methods readily available that rather than ask ‘Did you vote?’, we want people to ask ‘Why didn’t you vote?’

Read Alec's plan to secure and expand voting

Child Care

Child care policy is economic policy. The state of Maryland doesn’t treat it that way. But it is time to think differently. The choices we make about child care are deeply influential in shaping outcomes later in life. We need to take an investment approach to child care.

Read Alec's plan to make child care affordable

Computer Science

Look at the top ten most valuable companies in America. Half are technology firms. None of them existed before 1975. But this is not just a story about Silicon Valley. This is a major economic shift that affects nearly every aspect of our economy. We aren’t ready for it, but Alec has a plan to change that.

Read Alec's plan for universal computer science education

Ross is the only candidate in the nascent Democratic race to pitch specific policy programs.

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